Are you ready to feel Lighter and find Peace in your skin, and in your skinny jeans?

With a range of BeUtiful programs and detoxes you can choose exactly how you would like to work together to positively address all things weight, body image, health and wellbeing.  

For more information please email or call +(971)(0)561794900

Choose any of these programs and get started NOW…


BeUtiful Body Coaching focuses on emotional eating, body image, eating disorders and healing your relationship with food and learning to love you and your body.  It is the perfect mix of nutrition and emotional support to encourage a true transformation of body and mind.


BeUtiful Holistic Weight Loss programs are focused on helping you to feel lighter and more at ease in your body.  If you have been yo-yo dieting and tired of the negative diet mentality, or just want to find something that actually works for your body then this program is the perfect fit!  


BeUtiful Detox is a detoxification and cleansing program I create specifically for your body.  Each of us is different, the same detox technique will not be right for everyone! By personalising your detox together we can ensure that your body responds well so you can feel light and energised, even after a few days.


BeUtiful Nutrition sessions are perfect if you have a medically diagnosed health challenge, like diabetes, infertility, depression, hypertensiondigestive disorders, food intolerances and allergies then this is a perfect solution to learn how to use food as your medicine.  Or perhaps you simply want to enhance your awareness of nutrition for you and your family, then this will give you the information you need to make the best choices.


BeUtiful FREE Stuff!coral-heart

 I also want to share some of my nutrition savvy and delicious recipes with you for FREE, right here, so you can begin your BeUtiful journey NOW, click on these links and let’s feel light and beautiful today…

BeUtiful Nutrition & BeUtiful Recipes

Hope you enjoy all of my BeUtiful inspiration, it is my pleasure to be able to contribute to your greater sense of wellbeing.

BeUtiful also goes CORPORATE!  

Achieve holistic success when you invest in the health and wellbeing of your employees.  To find out more about BeUtiful Nutrition, Stress Management and Wellbeing in the WORKPLACE please see the link below –

BeUtiful Corporate Programs

Love Lauracoral-heart

Say hello and be a part of a BeUtiful e community…

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