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EGO Magazine Interview – Love Thyself

It was such a pleasure to do this interview with Ego Magazine discussing all things BeUtiful, nutrition and what inspires me.  It  felt so good because when it was finally published I saw the title they had chosen for the piece and it was ‘Love Thyself’…I thought how perfect that is and how happy I am that through my answers I managed to convey what I think is the most important ingredient for beauty, and indeed, all things in life that we most want, and that is self love.


It sounds cliche and for a long time I was kinda yeh yeh yeh, blah blah blah about it, do I love myself, of course!  Except when I feel fat, when I’m disappointed that I didn’t do better, when I’m judging myself because I didn’t do as good on my yoga mat as yesterday, when I am feeling tired, like, why am I tired, what’s wrong with me?!  Yeh, except all of those times which, in truth was pretty much always!

They say love is all you need, well I agree, and I think self love is EVERYTHING!  It is the difference between motivation and inspiration, pushing yourself and nurturing yourself, depriving yourself and feeding yourself, dis-comfort and comfort, dis-ease and ease, heavy and light.

One client sticks in my mind, she was very emotional and through tears said to me “Laura, I don’t know whats wrong with, I just can’t stay motivated to lose weight and I hate myself for being heavy but now I hate myself more for not being able to stay motivated.”  My response to my client, to myself, as I too was listening, and now to you is that motivation comes from a place of you feeling like you ‘should’ be doing something or that you ‘have’ to, regardless of how you feel, in this sense motivation requires energy, constant energy, which is not always available to you because well, life happens, and sometimes your energy is just not there and your motivation fails, those things you think you ‘should’ do you don’t!

Guilt, criticism and judgement all ensue and that negative relationship with your body is cemented deeper into your mind.

All of this is only possible because there is a crucial ingredient missing, allowing all of these thoughts and feelings to creep in because you are coming from a place of feeling not good enough, like something is not right and you need to fix it, from a place of self judgement rather than self acceptance and appreciation, from a place of self harm rather than self love.

When you do love yourself, when you make that a choice, a conscious choice that you remind yourself of everyday and in every moment you begin to act not from motivation but from inspiration.  These actions maybe very different, inspiration may not be 1 hour on the treadmill at high speed, it maybe time on the treadmill at a speed that feels good for as long as it does feel good, or, it could be something totally different altogether.

The magic is that inspiration doesn’t require that level of exhausting energy, at all costs, that motivation demands.  It also means that you will be listening to your body more, perhaps you need to rest or take things slower, you are inspired to do so and change your workout accordingly, and this begins the magical process of being efficient, intelligent and intuitive with your body, your food and your exercise, and, this for sure, is the only way to get to where you want to reach but all of this is only possible when you begin from a place of love for yourself.

So, before we begin looking at our food and exercise, we should check if we are coming from a place of self love, because LOVE really is all that we need and is the power behind our own positive BeUtiful transformation.

For the full interview please read here – EGO Magazine – Love Thyself

Laura coral-heart




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