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Chia for Chia Virgins…Chia Pots 101!

I know chia seeds still seem to have that air of ‘nutritionista’ and ‘raw foodie guru’ status about them, but, the truth is they are so easy to integrate into your diet and the benefits are just too good to be missing out on.

They also provide an alternative for breakfast that is naturally gluten-free and not based upon fruit which is too much sugar for some people, especially those with candida and diabetes.

Chia seeds provide more omega 3 than flaxseeds, an abundance of protein that is easy for your body to absorb and a plethora of minerals and vitamins which all combined encourage strength, stamina, vitality, detoxification, proper elimination, hormonal support, metabolism support, weight loss, anti-inflammatory and a happy heart to name but a few.  Given that there are many of us that get nowhere near the amount of omega 3 that our body needs including chia in our diet even more and white chia seeds on wooden underground

So, chia seeds are tiny, like poppy seeds, they come usually in two colours, either white or a dark brown, both are great.  You could just sprinkle them over your usual breakfast or salads and you will benefit, but with just a little extra effort you can really give yourself a nutrition boost and that all important variety in your breakfast repertoire.

When you add chia seeds to liquid they soak it up like a sponge and become very soft and gooey in texture, similar to a porridge.  This also makes for a very satisfying breakfast, you wont be hungry straight after and you will feel the benefits of their intestinal soothing and bowel encouraging effects in the same day, you probably will go to bed with a lighter feeling tummy than what you woke up with…quite an achievement!

blk and white chia pudding

Chia seed pots are endless in their flavours and recipes, often with all sorts of superfoods and concoctions added, whilst these are absolutely delicious, there is beauty in simplicity…

Just two ingredients, chia seeds and a liquid of your choice.  I would choose from almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk or coconut water and avoid dairy just to keep things clean!  You just simply combine the two, stirring gently, leave for five minutes and then stir again, if you have time leave for another five minutes and then you have transformed chia seeds into a delicious breakfast.  You could even do this in the evening and leave in the fridge over night, this makes them very soft and delicious.

This forms your base, to this you can add anything that takes your fancy, but below is my basic Coconut Chia Pot for you to try and then we can explore together from there.

The Ingredients & The Lovephoto

  • 4 dessert spoons of chia seeds
  • 1 cup of coconut rice milk

Stir the chia and milk together, leave for a few minutes and then stir again so the mixture becomes soft and even.  At this point you have the option to add more liquid, this will depend on how you prefer the texture.  I like mine quite stiff but you may prefer a looser consistency, so play around with this and see what you like.

Once set now you can add your toppings, for this one I chose just simple shredded coconut and pistachios, I love them both but really its pretty much all I had left in the pantry!

Happy Eating! Lauracoral-heart


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