Heal Your Relationship With Food

EWThis was a festive piece on healing your relationship with food and becoming more comfortable with eating, especially during times of celebration and festivities.

It may not be Christmas just yet but we are coming up to the summer holidays where many of us get away from it all and try to relax!  For any body conscious woman this can also be anything but relaxing, especially when it comes to the matter of weight and having to forgo her usual diet and exercise regime in favour of the food available, probably delicious, but most probably not that gluten, wheat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol or sugar free!

It’s at times like these when we can realise just how restrictive we are with our body and food, perhaps we all need to lighten up a little.  Keeping to a strict regime does have the downside of making your body super sensitive to food, and of course, this will also mean there is quite a lot of stress and fear related to eating in a more relaxed way.  These factors combined can certainly make for a guilt ridden relationship with your body over the summer.  In fact, it is usually this that causes more problems than the food itself!

Taking a more balanced approach, not just in what you choose to eat, but also in how you choose to think about and subsequently judge your food and your body…think about this for a moment…we maybe what we eat, but, we are much more of what we think!

To read my full article please see the link below…

Heal Your Relationship With Food




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