Love Thy Self…Interview with EGO Magazine

lWhere does the positive energy in you come from?

When you do something you are passionate about, positive energy is in abundance because as you are living from your passion you are truly alive and of course, this feels very good!

What is “healthy” eating?

There are so many different ideas of what this is, the truth is you cannot say with any degree of absoluteness that there is one way of eating that is healthy because we are all different, what maybe health giving and nourishing for one person may create im- balance and lethargy in another. For me, healthy eating is about learning to become an intuitive eater, listening to your body and becoming conscious of what your body loves and which foods really make it feel good, in this way healthy eating is about tailoring your food for your body.

For the full interview please see the link below…

EGO Magazine – Love Thyself


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