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Mediterranean Black Quinoa & Cauliflower

This recipe is so aromatic and vibrant, it is delicious comfort food whilst being incredibly fresh and light feeling in your tummy.  I think it is all too easy to miss out on vegetables, this is especially true if you are cooking just for yourself, thats why I love creating this type of dish which is really easy to make, it incorporates the essential veggies, and once you have made it you can enjoy some of it right there and then and the rest you can chill and enjoy the next day.

I am not about to give you the usual lecture of why we need to eat our vegetables…yes they have important nutrients blah blah blah… we know that!

But, there is another, extremely good, reason why we need to eat vegetables, and that is, to enable us to let go of heaviness within out body and feel lighter.  You see, vegetables are most often bitter or astringent in taste, and these qualities balance the elements inside your body in such a way that they actively encourage lightness, water drainage, detoxification and elimination.  Regardless of calories, if you do not eat vegetables you miss out on these tastes which support an incredible balancing act within your body that will lead to lightness.

Enough said…vegetables please!

The Ingredients & The Lovephoto

  • 1 cup Red Quinoa
  • 2 cups Cauliflower Florets
  • 2 handfuls Spinach
  • 1/2 cup Kalamata Olives (without stone, I like to use herb marinated)
  • 1 Lemon
  • Olive Oil
  • Dry Oregano
  • Black Pepper
  • Sea Salt

Cook the quinoa in double the amount of water for about ten minutes, or until the quinoa has spiralled open and it is soft.  Then stand, with the lid on, and allow the quinoa to soak all excess water, this really helps to soften the quinoa without boiling the hell out of it. Meanwhile, prepare cauliflower florets, bite size, place on a baking tray and drizzle with olive oil, sea salt, black pepper and cover with a generous sprinkling of oregano.  Roast in a medium oven for about ten minutes.  Then remove and allow to cool just slightly. With the quinoa, use a fork to fluff and separate and then stir in the cauliflower.  To this add the olives, spinach, juice of the lemon, 1 teaspoon of oregano, black pepper and sea salt to taste. Once all combined nicely it is ready to serve…super easy and super fast. Happy Eating! Lauracoral-heart


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