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Weight – A Matter of Perspective?

angry-woman-with-scaleThe last thing you want to hear when you are in the midst of explaining, or complaining about, something that is important to you is someone telling you to ‘put it into perspective!  No truer is this than when it comes to our weight and dress size.  “There are people with far worse problems than that don’t you know, life threatening ones!”

And indeed, that is a fact, there are many people in more challenging situations than us worrying and stressing over our weight, but, the truth is, recognising this fact doesn’t seem to help budge the hefty thoughts weighing heavy on our minds.

The amount of times clients have said to me ‘look, I know this is superficial and shallow, but I just want to look good!’ My response is always to ask the question why is that shallow?  Isn’t it natural to want the temple that houses your soul to be looking and feeling its absolute best, shining brightly, beautiful and radiant? What is shallow about that?

14955688-magnified-illustration-with-the-word-weight-loss-on-white-backgroundI know that my reaction is not the most common response and many maintain that indeed it is shallow to be worrying and concerning ourselves with such matters, after all, ‘at least you are breathing!’ And whilst this too is true, and being alive is certainly something to be appreciating, especially to help shift your focus to a more positive view of our body, it still doesn’t lift the doom and gloom of feeling fat and unattractive, does it?

How you are feeling is your perspective, and in that moment trying to ignore it or gloss over it is like ignoring what is important to you, and why would you want to do that?

Investigation into why is this so important to you has the potential to unlock some very powerful transformational truths, instead of sweeping it under the carpet or hiding it under baggy, albeit ever so comfy, sweats, questioning yourself is in this case the metaphorical shinning light.

Why is your weight and how your body looks so important to you that it consumes, what has to be, an extortionate percentage of your thoughts?  What does it mean to you, what is it representing?

Magnifying GlassThere is something here that you need to hear and understand as the cost of not understanding is too higher price to be continually paying whilst you keep burying it under that ‘shallow veil’.  Your body is communicating to you, how you feel is your body trying to speak to you and this always means something, understanding what that something is, what you body image is truly representing to you will be of enormous benefit and the seeds of your very own aha moment!

For me, my weight and body image was all tied into me feeling desirable, wanted and good enough, this is why these seemingly shallow things felt so important to me, for me they meant so much more than a dress size or number on the scale.  It represented me being able to live and achieve my dreams, if I didn’t feel good about my body how could I stand there and help others to do the same?  Understanding what this is for you is your first step in gaining the type of perspective that is relative to you!

There is never anything shallow about anything that holds your attention, every thing means some thing, that is, everything is meaningful, to deny this is to deny a piece of yourself and this just makes you even more hungry and we have all had enough of feeling like this!

Instead, we need to shine light into this murky abyss which has become how we feel about our body and our weight, shinning light into this dark hole allows us to see once and for all how we can begin to feed that emptiness in a meaningful way relative to ourself so we can begin to feel nourished and nurtured with love and light, slowly slowly uncovering the beauty that is at the root of who we truly are, naturally.

tumblr_mfmhyp9cMb1rmbvi9o1_500In this moment the most important question to ask yourself is what does your body image mean to you, what are the reasons behind you wanting to change your body to look and feel a certain way?  When you understand this you can acknowledge it for what it is and the magic herein means that you can now address it from a variety of ways, not just food, because it’s really not about the food ultimately anyway, and I LOVE food and I’m a Nutritionist, BUT, food isn’t all that, compared to the creative power of your thoughts and emotions food is a comparatively minute part of the equation.

Opening yourself to approach your body in a holistic way, on all levels, will help you to unlock and draw from within exactly what it is that you are truly wanting, because finally, you are being honest with yourself and wanting it for the ‘right’ reasons relative to you!

Everything you will ever need is within, this took my ages to understand and appreciate.  When I would read yogi and Buddhist philosophy and see all the time “look within” and “everything you want is within you already” I could understand what they were saying and intellectually I could get it, but, I couldn’t feel it, I had such a hard time feeling that, intuitively, to be true, maybe this is why I had spent so long searching for external physical things and foods to fill in that which I felt was missing or that I didn’t have.  And then, one day I figured that is the problem! My feeling that I was missing something or that I didn’t have everything was in and of itself the root of the problem, the acknowledgement of lack means that I cut myself off from being able to feel that everything I am wanting is within, including a beautiful body. All thoughts, feelings and actions then come from this lack full feeling place, not exactly conducive to feeling like I have a pot of gold in my beautiful slim tummy!

This type of thinking is only possible when you have the view of a separation, that you are in someway separate to the rest of the universe.  Kind of a them and us equation not understanding that we are all connected, and more than this, that we are, as quantum physics tells us, energetic beings living in an energy based universe for which there are no borders or boundaries, we are, quite literally, the entire universe.

Whats this got to do with being beautiful, or light for that matter, I hear you ask?

Well then answer to that is in the question.  You see, we are so busy and occupied with the idea that beauty and light is something that we have to figure out how to get, whether it be through certain foods, specific work out regimens, a plethora of superfoods, supplements, creams, even treatments, that we consume ourselves with looking externally for the supply of beauty.

beauty-is-a-light-in-the-heartThe fact is, and this is a fact, a scientific one backed up by the latest in quantum physics, we are already beautiful, and we are certainly already light, so instead of trying to figure our how to get these things we just need to learn how to Be beautiful and light, how we can actually allow our true energetic nature to permeate our physical body.

Sit with that a moment, it was a light bulb moment for me, we don’t have to get beautiful and light, we already are, we need to learn how to be beautiful and light!

Allowing is one of the universes ironies, when you want really want something, the apparent absence of it leaves you feeling irritated and negative, and as the law of attraction holds true, feeling like this we cannot allow the positive things that we want to flow through our experience, our irritation disallows what we are wanting.

So, to allow, we must be willing and able to expand our mind and see beyond the physical layer and delve deeper to the more subtle levels of who we are and realise that in essence we are beautiful and light, touching this, feeling this is what will allow your true nature to come to the surface and radiate.

IAmBeautifulTraining your mind to keep this feeling place as your focus is the most powerful thing you can do in the allowance of your BeUtiful body and this is the type of ‘perspective of matter’ that is required!  

Love Laura coral-heart


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