BeUtiful Body

Summer Sale – Discover Your BeUtiful Body!

photo 4BeUtiful is spreading Love and Light this summer with a 25% sale on personalised BeUtiful Body program’s…

Tired of yo-yo dieting, counting calories, losing weight and then putting it back on again, or eating nothing and not losing an inch?  It’s time to tune into your body and discover what it really needs to find harmony, peace and lightness.

THINK and EAT yourself LIGHT with Laura this summer on your choice of either 4, 8 or 12 week BeUtiful Body Program’s to discover the light and beauty within You!

This is a holistic and personalised approach to weight loss, embracing the healing power of nutritional therapy and our relationship with both food and our body to feel light, on all levels.

Each program is tailored to suit your specific body as you are expertly guided step by step along your BeUtiful journey.  You will experience – 

  • Initial in-depth consultation via Skype
  • Weekly coaching and nutrition consults via Skype
  • Weekly individually tailored eating plans, cleanse and detoxes
  • Emotional wellbeing and body image coaching
  • Food and body relationship healing
  • Wellbeing and lifestyle guidance

Choose a program that suits you – 

Are you ready to feel lighter?


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