BeUtiful Body

BeUtiful Body – The Sixth Sense Diet – Part 1

images-2The sixth sense, an intuitive faculty giving awareness beyond ‘normal’ perception that is sensed through instinct, intuition and intuitiveness.  When it comes to nourishing our body I cannot think of a better ‘sense’ to use to decipher what, when and how we eat for our body’s health, wellbeing, beauty and lightness.

In fact, when one considers that each of us are indeed unique, both biologically and biographically, the use of our sixth sense to determine optimal nourishment is not only logical but seemingly the only reliable way that each of us can gain access to precisely what our body is needing to maintain balance in any one moment, or mealtime.

The question is, how is it possible that a source irrelevant to your body, irrelevant in that it is external with no direct relation to you and your body, or anybody else’s for that matter, accurately determine the best diet for You to experience wellbeing and lightness?  Furthermore, how can it be that the same ‘diet’ is going to yield the same experience and results in each of our bodies once we understand that each are unique?

In truth it does not, we know this already, we experience the negative effects of the short comings of set diet plans that we follow. Disappointment, frustration, heaviness on all levels, unsatisfied hunger, stressed body’s, discomfort in our mind and in our skinny jeans!

imagesThere have never been as many diets as there are today and there has never been so many of us overweight and hating our body.  Perhaps this departure from our sixth sense, our own instincts and intuition, as we seek the ‘how’ and ‘what’ in a text book diet plan, relinquishing our ability to read between the lines and apply our own wisdom to what could be valuable information, has created a disconnection from our natural state of being, the effects of which are felt in increasing negativity toward our body.

We have become blind to our beauty, body loathing rather than appreciating and using numbers, both in food and on the scales, to measure our success, or more often failure given the tremendous power of our negative emotions evoked at the mere mention of the bathroom scales.

922757_568481993186591_131955479_nYou see, the biggest flaw in the majority of diets is that there is no consideration for how your body actually feels.  The fact that you are completely ignoring your own biofeedback ensures that you move further away from your natural state of wellbeing and lightness because how your body feels is its way of communicating to you what is needed.  If you ignore what is needed then lightness is illusive.  The question you should ask your body when you are feeling heavy is not what is wrong, rather, what are you trying to tell me? It is not natural for your body to feel heavy, so if your body is choosing to feel this then it’s trying to tell you something.  The problem is that regular diets do not have any opportunity for you to truly appreciate this so you cannot feel your way to lightness and behave in a way that is ultimately necessary for you to reconnect and find harmony.

In fact, your body will stubbornly remain where it is, even if you do live on salads and work out like an athlete, until you get the messages and eat, and think, accordingly.  Heaviness, just like any other sensation of discomfort within your body, is ultimately a call for love and healing, precisely the opposite of what most of us get up to when we put ourselves on a diet! No wonder we are all still feeling like elephants, I love elephants but don’t necessarily want to feel like one, and starving at the same time.

conscious-nourishment-logo-wp2We need to remember, because we do know this deep down already, that our beauty is in our Being, that light energy is the very substance from which we are made, anything other is a departure from our natural state.  So, to rediscover our nature it is a case of going within, communicating with our body, using our sixth sense of intuition to understand what our body is needing to allow our beautiful body to shine.

We need to become intuitive eaters, allowing our body to choose the foods to eat based on what it communicates to us is needed.  Educating and informing ourselves about nutrition is wonderful but as soon as you hold tightly to the information it loses it’s magic, we need to read between the lines of the information allowing our body to guide us as to whether this is relevant or not and how it is best for us to incorporate the essence of the information available to us.

When we eat intuitively we nnoursihment-slider-leftourish our body in a very efficient way, nature LOVES efficiency, it relieves it of burden, stress and toxic load.

As we eat the food our body needs in just the right amount, nothing more and nothing less than is required, at that meal time which, very well may differ from the day before, we are constantly refining and tuning our alignment with our nature without the wild swings from one extreme to the other that look like yo-yo dieting with one week feeling super skinny and the next feeling like a lead weight.

Our body loves this yes, but so does our mind, the relief we feel when we stop going from one extreme to the other and instead intelligently loving our body through intuited nutrition and exercise, this creates lightness all in itself.

So, for now, I want you to allow all of this to settle within You, see if your intuition begins to communicate as you read words that soothe your body and begin to honour its wisdom. In the next part we will discover how to become an intuitive eater and really explore the Sixth Sense Diet.

Love Laura  coral-heart


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