BeUtiful Nutrition

DNA Center for Integrative Medicine & Wellness

310031_494926007222865_11541519_nI have been working with DNA for almost a year now, in fact, they have their one year anniversary coming very soon so I am excited to celebrate this with them all.  The clinic itself is based in Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat island and it is a pleasure to go there, anyone who knows Abu Dhabi traffic and parking will hear me when I say it is such a relief to be arriving stress free and cool!

10446016_658095764239221_6387903534797229536_nWorking with DNA Clinic has been a great experience because they hold true to their integrative healing approach, this is certainly a new experience for us all in the UAE so I am even more happy to be able to contribute.   They understand and appreciate that when all expertise join forces we are able to provide ‘whole person care’ in a way that really allows the patient to feel cared for and this energy is really what facilitates health and wellbeing.

Nutrition is obviously a big part of DNA program’s, obviously I agree that it should be, but then again maybe I have a little bias!  So, providing patients with their nutritional plans after they have undergone screening is very powerful because it means I can really tailor each plan to the individual.  Another reason why I love DNA clinic, they understand then when it comes to diet there is no ‘one size fits all’!

10385589_661680933880704_3708145721669779008_nNutritional therapy, in essence, is about using food as our medicine, even better, eating in a way that prevents dis-ease and health challenges.  With the health screening available at DNA we are able to foresee such challenges and patients can understand and appreciate the importance of a preventative approach heavily focused on diet and lifestyle changes.

It is wonderful when someone can significantly reduce their medication, taken previously to control issues like diabetes and blood pressure, because we have all worked together and have created the optimum environment for the body to thrive.  It really is a back to nature approach, I love that!

247614_520303001351832_669446018_nDNA Clinic also offer a range of beautifying treatments inspired and managed by the absolutely beautiful Jamie Sherrill, I am yet to try but I have seen the effects and they are WOW!  You can read more about the bio aesthetics here – learn more

DNA also offers energy medicine, pain management, naturopathy, nutrition, reiki, yoga and all things that help patients to feel more comfort, health and wellbeing so I am extremely happy to work along side this team…its always fun!

10463871_658851680830296_7831982538936837621_nTo find out how DNA lifestyles can benefit you and your family please contact the clinic and read more information here – DNA Clinic

Hope to see you there soon…

Love Lauracoral-heart



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