Milk – To Drink Or Not To Drink?

lady-drinking-milk-1It was a lot of fun contributing to this debate for BBC’s Good Food Middle East Magazine.  I am sure you can guess which side of the fence I was on, and of course, the grass is greener on my side and the cows are happier too, or at least I think so!

I love this image and couldn’t resist posting it!  It really made me think because it is so striking and certainly provokes an emotional response, it didn’t make me go running for the milk carton thats for sure!  Although, it isn’t necessarily about what is right or wrong, it’s if mass consumption of cows milk is something natural for our body that contributes to health and wellbeing.

All debating and joking aside, the most important, or in fact the only, point to consider when it comes to you deciding what to and what not to eat, is to listen to your body.  Let your body tell you what it likes and what it doesn’t, what it can digest with ease and what causes stress and excess…we each have to make a decision based upon what feels good for us.

Out beyond ideas of right and wrong, there is a field.  I’ll meet you there.  Rumi

Read the full debate here BBC Good Food Middle East Sept 2014


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