BeUtiful Body

BeUtiful Body – The Sixth Sense Diet – Part 2

diet-break-up-post-it-note-imageWhen we understand that each of us are unique then we must also appreciate that within nutrition, what may create harmony and lightness for one person may not for someone else, it may even cause the exact opposite and leave them feeling heavier, not what any of us want I know!

This is the number one reason why I never give out generic diets to clients, nor do I advise each client to eat the same as me because I understand that whilst I may have found what my body really loves, somebody else’s body may not like it at all!

I have had to learn to be flexible with my own eating and approach to my body, and I can tell you this is no mean feat, especially when you are coming from a place of being super conscious (read super critical) about your weight and just wanting to be thinner, at all costs.

I remember wanting to feel ‘safe’ inside the confines of a specific diet plan, so in my mind I could relax a little as the decision of what to eat was made for me, so I couldn’t be angry with myself, feel guilty or beat myself up for making the ‘wrong’ choice and spend the rest of the week compensating for it.

Although, the real soul breaking part, of what I can only describe as ‘diet hell’, is that even when you stick to it perfectly, at best the results never feel good enough, and at worse, nothing, and I mean no thing, not even an ounce, changes.  So, what do we do?  We go back for more and try another diet, and then another Unknownone, and then another one again.  The problem with this is that not only are we not getting the body we want but the damage it does, physically and emotionally, becomes an excruciatingly heavy weight to bare that get’s heavier as we hate our body more and more.

It is an extremely harsh cycle to feel gripped within but we must get to a certain point where we can say to ourselves, ‘I have been dieting, following this plan, following that plan, counting calories, weighing my cereals and starving for what feels like an eternity now, I have worked out to within an inch of my life and I’ve done more sun salutations than I can remember, enough… maybe, please God I hope so, maybe there is another way…’

And my goodness yes there is!  

Sharing with you how I managed to help myself, and now how I help other’s, to feel more comfort and lightness feels so sweet because I have known for too long, just like you, the bitterness of hating your body and having a catastrophic relationship with food.

Many of my clients often come to me as a last resort, they have tried everything under then sun and are just about to give up all hope of feeling light.  As desperate as these women are its the perfect foundation for change and to embrace a new way, a BeUtiful way, that loves and cares for your body rather than starving and beating it up.  We have to reach a point where we say enough is enough, I have been doing all of this and for me it hasn’t worked, so its time to change!

Trust-Your-GutA key area of work that I do with myself and clients is to teach them how to become intuitive eaters.  This is a cornerstone of the all things BeUtiful and my Sixth Sense Diet because it really is about tapping into your body’s wisdom, honouring your uniqueness, and eating in a way that your body loves.  This is the fastest way to lightness that I have found and I want to share this with you now.

Becoming An Intuitive Eater

The most important part of becoming an intuitive eater is to become conscious of your own body and how it is feeling.  When we become conscious of how our body feels we are then empowered and inspired to make choices that are aligned with our body, not what we mentally think we should be eating or doing.  This is key to becoming an intuitive eater, we must get out of our mind and into our body!

  • Begin this evening, make a note of all that you have eaten today, not for the purpose of nit picking through it but to understand how YOUR body responds to food you are eating.
  • 10 Apr 2001 --- Happy woman writing --- Image by © Thomas Schweizer/CORBISOnce you have listed the foods then make a note of how you felt today, did you experience bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, wind, gas, lethargy or headaches?  Did you feel energised or exhausted, light or heavy, comfortable or uncomfortable?  Did you feel guilty after anything that you ate, did you ignore your hunger today, did you feel anxious, stressed or irritated?  Note down all things that come to mind.  Conversely, did your body crave anything that you didn’t allow yourself to eat, what was this, would it have felt good even after you had eaten it if you had allowed yourself?
  • Now, glance back over the food you actually ate and the way you and your body felt and see if anything jumps out at you for being significant.  After you have done this for a few days patterns will begin to emerge, but the real beauty is that because you are beginning this dialogue you really are going to be tapping into what is happening with your body.  Remember, weight is never the problem, only a symptom, so this exercise is also helping to get to the root of the root!  This knowledge is more powerful than anything you could get from a diet book so give yourself a little time to find the confidence to trust your body, be gentle with her, listen to her without judgement and honour what she is telling you.  Do this daily for one week.
  • After one week, or as soon as you begin to notice a pattern that you instinctively feel is important, we must go to the next step which is action!  Perhaps you have identified a certain food that you don’t digest well, or that you always feel guilty, lethargic or heavy after eating, now is the time to make a conscious choice to honour your body and choose not to eat these things again for a while.  Conversely, perhaps you have noticed that you have been wanting to eat a food that you have not allowed yourself, what is this food, is it natural, do you think you would feel good after eating it?  For many of us this tends to be foods like avocados, nuts and chocolate, but all of these foods are full of vital nutrients that can actually create lightness, so make a choice to eat these foods choosing the best quality and most natural form.  For example, raw nuts and dark or raw chocolate. candle-light-027
  • Now, ask your body what foods it would like to eat, ask right now, what foods would allow you to feel good?  We must put into practice all of the insight and wisdom our body is communicating to us, this means allowing ourselves the freedom to eat in a way that our body is inspiring us toward, after all, what use is this information if we do not do anything with it?  We have tried enough of the diet mentality so I think we owe our body a chance to call the shots after all we have put it through.  This is a powerful step, as you streamline your eating relative to your unique body, I promise you, this is the quickest way to lightness and vitality!

white_open_armsOver this week align yourself with the real reason for eating which, is to reconnect with nature, to reconnect with our nature by nourishing and nurturing our body to be full of light and vitality.  This is the intention for our eating, have this in the forefront of your mind each day, follow the steps above and feel the lightness and freedom that comes from following your heart. 

Love Lauracoral-heart


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