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Food – Language of Self Love or Language of Self Harm?

photoSo often I hear people say “if only I could just eat to fuel my body.”  I totally understand the sentiment behind this, wanting to make objective food choices that we feel in control of rather than being led by our, seemingly out of control, emotions.  But, we have to remember that we are not robots, it maybe the body that gets its ‘fuel’ but its people who eat!  This is a fact, and one we need to make peace with and allow it to work for us rather than denying our natural emotional nature.

Food is essential for our survival, without it we cannot survive, so it makes absolute sense that we will have an emotional relationship with it of some kind.  So it isn’t that we need to cut the emotional connection, many of us have tried and failed to do this on numerous occasions, often resulting in feeling completely frustrated with ourselves as we repeatedly ask why can’t I just have one piece of chocolate instead of the whole bar?

overeating page picWhat we need to do is reconnect with our body a little better so we can instinctively practice more love and kindness, feeling calm and in control, rather than harm under, what feels like, utter chaos.  Wow, I could write a whole book just on instances when I’ve felt totally out of control, its a scary feeling, you literally do not know what to do with yourself pacing between the lounge and the kitchen, opening cupboard doors and closing them and then to the fridge, funny, yes when you look back but not at the time!

You see food is an extension of who we are allowing ourselves to be at any given point in time, how we feel effects what we want to eat.  Eating habits and behaviours give tremendous insight into a person, how they feel about their body and how they feel about their own life.  I always say, forget sex, religion and politics, tell me what you like to eat!

imagesWe play ourselves out through our food choices.  Whether we care about food or not, if we are super strict or completely free reign, micro analysing or controlling, trying to be ‘good’ but then never being good enough with guilty infested ‘cheat days’ (one of my pet hates when it comes to nutrition and dieting) or just completely starving ourselves or binging.  The big thing to know is that none of this is about FOOD, it is all about YOU.

What you eat is literally a daily representation of loving yourself or harming yourself, in this sense, food becomes a language, a way of communicating to your body how you are feeling generally and how you are feeling about your body.

Now, this isn’t to say that if you eat fruit and vegetables you are automatically loving yourself and if you eat processed foods you are harming yourself.  It is much more intricate than that, it is the intention behind your food choices that really matter, much more so than the actual foods themselves.

selfloveAlso, self love and self harm are not the same as reward and punishment, it is more subtle.  It isn’t about getting through a hard day and eating healthy and then treating yourself with something nice in the evening because you feel you deserve a reward.  Most of the time this scenario runs something like feeling totally restricted by day and super guilty by night which, is your indicator that it was more self harm than self love.

So, how do we communicate self love with food rather than self harm?  Or, maybe we should ask the obvious question first, why does it even matter?

Well, put very simply, love feels light and harm feels heavy, love creates flow, harm creates stagnation, love allows beauty, harm disallows beauty in our own eyes, so love is the way to all that we are wanting to create in our body.  If you want to lose weight and feel beautiful, then you gotta choose LOVE baby!

Now, on to the how…

Way of the heartIt all starts with awareness of our body, becoming still and present enough to hear how our body is really feeling and what would be most beneficial to eat to allow your natural state of health and lightness.  The magic of this is that it brings us into the NOW, and this is where all our power is, in the ‘now’ we have the ability to make a conscious choice and honour our intuition.

When we do this we are showing our body that we care, that we are here to look after and protect ourself and do whatever we need to ensure its thriving, rather than blindly going through the day exhausted without giving our needs a second thought and just eating unconsciously, whether this be burgers or starving ourselves on vegetable juices all day.

The golden rule is, when we care for our body by becoming conscious of it and eating accordingly, our body moves from a state of stress to one of ease, and this, my fellow goddesses, is first in line for allowing a light beautiful feeling body!

Regardless of what we actually eat, if we remain unconscious and indifferent, or if we eat from a place of reward or punishment, none of this makes our body feel safe and none of it communicates the language of love.

To feel light and to experience our true beauty we must learn to practice self love, and how we feed and nourish ourself is one of the highest expressions of self love and care.

Love Lauracoral-heart


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