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beauty1The saying that beauty is only skin deep is an unfortunate limitation, unfortunate at least for those who believe this to be true.  The ultimate reality is that beauty is at the core of who-you-really-are and our work is to simply clear the way for it to radiate through every cell of our being until it’s expressed through our physical body in the countless ways that it can.  Clear eyes, shiny hair, strong nails, an attractive body and of course that beautiful glowing skin that looks like you are literally illuminated from within, and, of course, you are!

We can clear the way for our inner beauty to shine through our physical body in many ways, with creams, oils and lotions, cosmetics, spa treatments, yoga and meditation but we can also learn how to feed our beauty from within and this is especially important when it comes to getting a radiant glowing complexion.

Our skin is only truly nourished from the inside out, in this way the nutrients in our food literally feed the skin, keeping it healthy and allowing it to have that luminous glow that comes from within.

If we choose to eat foods, or use products on the skin, that are devoid of life energy then our skin will look starved of life, but, if we nurture our skin from the inside, eating foods, and using products, that are beautifully rich with natural energy then our skin will radiate life!

There are specific foods that are very good for feeding your skin and inner beauty that we can both eat and apply!  Here is what you can begin eating and applying, applying and eating to nurture your beautiful complexion –

Essential Fatty Acids

coconutoilEssential fatty acids are wonderful for smoothing and creating suppleness in the skin, they are also anti-inflammatory helping to reduce any redness, irritation or puffiness that sometimes appears on the skins surface.

EFA’s lubricate the body from within helping to alleviate dryness, dehydration and tightness in the skin giving that beautiful glow.  We can begin eating flaxseeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, avocados and cold pressed seed oils.

We could also draw inspiration from Ayurveda and begin using sesame or coconut oil on our skin as a moisturizer.  Because they are natural oils the skin absorbs them wonderfully and they are full of essential fatty acids and vitamin E.  I love to use natural oils as they are free from chemicals and other binding agents which means they are just pure beautifying products.


cacao_2Antioxidants are vital for bright skin as they clear all the free radicals in our system that are responsible for ageing and dulling the skin.  The more we can eat and use antioxidants in our beauty regime the brighter our complexion will be, we are also safeguarding ourselves from premature ageing and the deepening of fine lines and wrinkles.

Eating raw chocolate (amazing antioxidant and mineral content that your skin loves), blueberries, goji berries, acai berry and maqui berry powders is like eating beauty fairies that spring clean your complexion.images-2

We can also make an antioxidant rich face mask with honey and turmeric spice, this is also a powerful anti-inflammatory helping to reduce redness and heal break outs whilst leaving your complexion suitably radiant.  Combine 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 teaspoon of turmeric, make into a paste and then cover the skin and leave for 15-20 minutes.


kale-benefits-1Many skin issues are due to an excess of heat or acid within the body as this literally shows up through the to the skins surface in the form or spots, rashes and break outs. This will also make your skin look dry as all the heat inside dehydrates your body.

To counteract we need to include cool alkali foods like leafy greens, green vegetables, avocados, coconut water, nettle tea and sea greens into our diet as they are amazing for clearing the skin and encouraging a glowing complexion.

Spirulina powder is an excellent way to help increase your greens, just take 1 teaspoon in a large glass of water and drink daily, or you can add to your smoothies or juices.

Aloe Vera is another excellent cooling and calming plant that we can either drink in liquid form to alkalize our body from within or use directly onto our skin to help reduce redness almost immediately.  Aloe Vera feeds the skin as its also very nutrient dense, whether we eat it or apply topically.

Sea Buckthorn

alg-buckthorn-jpgSea Buckthorn has received lot’s of exciting attention lately for being a powerful tonic for the skin, the berries are loaded with nutrients and the rare omega 7 which is said to have healing effects on the skin whilst nourishing and revitalizing its appearance when taken as a capsule or used topically.  There are many different supplements that you can get for Sea Buckthorn and you can also find creams so you can use directly onto the skin too.


VattenhjärtaThis is one of the simplest tips for more beautiful skin but it’s often under appreciated.  I always like to remind my clients that for life itself first we must breathe, second we drink and then finally we eat, this is the order of importance for our wellbeing and therefore hydration is more important than our nutrition, without water there would be no life.  Our skin needs to be fed this life giving force so it too can look radiant.

Always drink room temperature water, never chilled, this causes stress within your body and so is not as hydrating.  Make sure you sip water evenly throughout the day providing a steady supply of hydration to your body and your skin.  This will also help your energy levels.

Your body is mostly water, if we don’t drink enough then our system becomes sluggish and heavy, toxins are slower moving through the body and elimination is reduced.  All of this will eventually take its toll on your skin, your complexion will become dull and you may even get breakouts, so water is essential to keep your body in flow, on all levels, helping you to feel light and clean, inside and out.

Reconnecting to the beauty of Mother Nature is reconnecting with the beauty of your inner nature and a powerful way to allow your inner beauty to shine through.

Love Lauracoral-heart


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