BeUtiful Body

BeUtiful SUNday…Inspiring Radiance

photoI was in need of a little inspiration today to help me shine a little brighter, I was actually writing another article and it came to my mind that Sunday, with a name like Sunday, should definitely be a day that we really allow ourselves to shine and do whatever we need to think, feel and do to Be our BeUtiful radiant self, it is a Sun day after all!

So I thought, why not?!  BeUtiful SUNday…Inspiring Radiance it is.

I hope this little dose of inspiration helps you to shine brighter today and for the week ahead…shine baby shine!

For our first week I thought I would get straight to the core of our femininity, it seemed like the best place to begin!

Inspiring Radiance

A woman’s beauty is at the core of her femininity, it is who she really is, when a woman is in touch with her inner beauty she radiates, she is kind to her body, she honours and respects herself with peace in her mind and love in her heart.  Confidence illuminates her as she creates the life she desires, fulfills her potential and lives her life purpose, she’s inspired, passionate and  limitless.  The world needs this woman for “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams…”

Love Lauracoral-heart




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