A Nutritionist’s 7 Favourite Foods!

AR-140919303.jpg&MaxW=960&MaxH=640Of course, I have chosen these 7 foods purely for their nutrition prowess!

Its really important for people to understand because knowing how to, most efficiently, make a significant increase in the amount of nutrition you feed your body means understanding which foods are the most nutrient dense.  

I have specifically chosen these foods also because they are rich in nutrients that many of us are typically deficient in, namely minerals and essential fatty acids.  Often these deficiencies come with a range of consequences from general lethargy and weight issues to serious diseases and health challenges like inflammation, diabetes and heart disease.

We really do need to start connecting the dots between the food we eat and the health we experience, none of us are victims to our health, we create it, and food is a huge part of this equation.  So, here are my favourites, and yes, the first one is avocado! 🙂

Take a look at my favourite 7 foods and begin adding them to your diet and you will soon feel the difference!

Happy eating 🙂

A nutritionist’s 7 favourite foods 




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