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photoLadies, do you consider yourself a feminist?

Before having the pleasure of watching Emma Watson’s amazing speech for the UN on gender equality I have to admit, whilst I secretly wanted to call myself a feminist, being acutely aware of its negative reception these days, and being synonymous with ‘man hating’ I shied away from, what felt like, pigeon holing myself in that category.

Accurately or not, I associated the feminist movement more with women trying to imitate yet hating men whilst simultaneously degrading the more traditional feminine qualities of sensitivity and emotionality as signs of weakness and vulnerability.

I reiterate, this is a personal view and I do not pretend to be speaking for all women here, but, you have to admit that in modern times, whilst there are many women facing serious gender inequality in all aspects of life, there are also women climbing all sorts of ladders in, what can only be described as, wonder woman efforts.

Whilst this may have not been the intention, in our fight to become equal with men, feminine qualities have become less desirable and many of us have adopted typically more masculine approaches to our life.

photoAs a result the beautiful balance of masculine and feminine energy has become completely distorted and whilst this obviously has a negative impact on women, it also has a negative impact on men, both denying their natural feminine qualities.

As the feminine is denied it leaves all of us, men and women, increasingly uncomfortable, and sometimes even unable, to express our emotionality and true self, preventing us from living authentic lives with mutual cooperation and support.

We live fast, expending constant energy without taking the time to rest, recuperate and cool down.  Basically, we are all about the yang and totally forget the yin until we get so burnt out, physically, mentally and emotionally, that nature forces the restoration of balance, usually in the form of illness and dis-ease, and we have no choice but to yield and relax.

photo 2I LOVE Emma’s speech because it is the first gender equality speech that I have heard that highlights the complexity within this discussion, understanding that gender is not a simplistic either or scenario, rather a beautiful balance in which both men and women need to fully embrace our masculine and feminine energies in a harmonious way within ourselves, on an individual level, before this is able to be fully expressed outwardly as true gender equality.

When we disallow a part of our nature we disallow our true selves, feminine and masculine are different, but they are perfectly complementary and equally sacred.

Seeing the beauty in both is the only way toward gender equality and this means men and women embracing All of ourSelf and supporting each other in this process of Being true to all that each of us really are.

Emma Watson’s UN Gender Equality Speech full video

Love Lauracoral-heart


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