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HOW To Eat & Feel Lighter In 10 Simple Steps!

It doesn’t matter what or how much you are eating, if you are not digesting you are accumulating and this is a fast track to heaviness, even if you are living on salads!

If you are wanting to lose weight it’s not what you eat that needs addressing first, its how.  Get this right and your digestion will thank you and will most likely show its appreciation with a lighter feeling tummy before you’ve even sipped your first skinny juice!

10 ‘HOW’ To Eat Tips To Digest Your Way To Lightness:

  1. Find Your Rhythm.  hourglassNature loves cycles and so does your body, consistency and routine are your best friend!  They allow your body to feel safe, secure and relaxed, without them uncertainty reigns creating stress, slower metabolism and inducing a state of storage.  Lightness always comes from flow, heaviness from storage and accumulation.  Create a daily rhythm of eating and sleeping and allow your body to feel safe to let go of what is not needed.
  2. Take it Slow & Chew.  This increases alkalinity and starts the digestive process correctly.  The rest of your digestive tract is not able to deal with ‘chunks’ of food creating turbulence in the intestinal tract; this is not contributing to a light feeling tummy.  So chew your food until it is practically liquid.  This is the difference between feeling comfortable or irritated in your skinny jeans, literally, it is this powerful!stomach-growl
  3. Listen To Your Body, the only way to know what to eat for your lightness is to be conscious of how your body responds to foods.  This is our body’s way of communicating to us what it likes and what it doesn’t.  We must heed this advice, rather than mindlessly following a diet plan, we are all unique and react differently to foods.  For the sake of our digestion and our ability to feel light we need to allow our body to guide our food choices.  Keep a food diary noting your reactions so you can begin to tailor your own eating accordingly.
  4. Don’t Ignore Hunger.  So many times we have been taught to do this and it is an absolute disaster for your digestion often creating a lot of bloating and a slower metabolism.  Listen to your body, eat when your body is asking specifically for food, try not to go any more than four hours without food.
  5. No Drinks Whilst Eating. This dampens your digestive fire and waters down digestive enzymGreen Vegetable Soupes.  Drink water 20 minutes before you eat, have a little during your meal but not again until 20-30 minutes after your meal.
  6. No ‘Raw’ At Night!  Your body is calming down in the evening and warm, gently cooked, food is much easier to digest than raw, cold, crunchy salads.  Keep raw food for lunch and breakfast when your digestive fire is more able to deal with it.
  7. Eat Natural.  We need to streamline our digestion and processed foods, including diet foods, along with dairy, sugar and wheat, tend to clog it up!  Avoid foods with ingredients that you cannot read.  If you can’t read it then how can we expect our body to digest it?  What we don’t digest we store!  I promise, nuts and avocados are not the reason we struggle with our weight!
  8. Yes To Fruit But Always Alone.  Fruit takes very little time to digest so if you have a tummy full of food already it sits on top of that and begins to putrefy causing toxins, gas and bloating.  Only ever eat fruit on an empty tummy or for breakfast.
  9. No More Eating On The Run.  Your digestive system simply shuts down when you are stressed and as a result you get a lot of undigested food, bloating and water retention.  Many of us take care of eating and exercise but still feel heavy and bloated, in so many cases the issue has nothing to do with food and10436090_768167829893781_4726457727983594179_n everything to do with our levels of stress, anxiety and hectic schedules.  We all must take active steps to reduce stress and digest our emotions with greater ease.  My saviour has been yoga and meditation!
  10. Cultivate Peace.  A peaceful body is a beautiful body!  Your natural state is wellbeing and lightness, so by relaxing you are simply allowing this state.  Many of us completely overlook it but, for weight loss, it is crucial that you pay just as much attention to rest and relaxation as you do to food and exercise, in fact, when we manage to cultivate peace in both our mind and body what we eat and how much we exercise becomes far less important.

Love Lauracoral-heart


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