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Peaceful Foods For Breast Cancer Awareness

Sharing the LOVE for Breast Cancer Awareness…

October is pink, the colour of love, and so as we raise awareness of breast cancer we come together in support and share stories of healing to uplift and inspire.

photoI am working with a client at the moment who had breast cancer and is now recovering, wanting to feel her that her body is hers again, trusting it to keep her safe and creating a sense of lightness so she can move past those challenging times and fully step into her new life, free from cancer.

A common theme with all the ladies I have worked with is the effect of the steroids and medication taken during and after the treatment.  They tend to create a lot of heaviness and lethargy which can be challenging to let go of.

You see, the body has undergone a lot of stress and under these conditions the body tends to become tense, holding on to anything and everything that you eat.  Many of these ladies have tried dieting but to no avail, their body just does not seem to move an inch toward lightness.

breast cancer awarenessHowever, it is not the weight that we need to focus on here because this is not the problem.  The underlying cause is that the body has gone through significant stress, this is what we need to positively address.  If we can help the body to relax and feel safe again, not only will this allow lightness it will also enhance and affirm the healing process.  A calm body is a healthy body, a peaceful body is a light body and if we love and nourish our body then it will begin to trust us to care for it and will gift us with its natural beauty.

Over this month I will share all of my tips for healing the body, balancing hormones and protecting our bodies along with some pink inspired recipes! 🙂

For now, here are my tips for helping your body to relax so that healing and lightness can be yours…

Foods To Create Peace In Your Body

  • Sweet Potato, Squash & Pumpkin – these ‘grounding’ root vegetables provide the body with a sense of stability without being heavy and have an array of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the immune system and help protect our cells.  Their orangey yellow colour feeds the sacral and solar plexus chakra which helps relax your body allowing it to feel cared for, nourished and generally more comfortable.  In fact these foods are some of the best forms of ‘comfort food’.
  • Coconut – this really is a woman’s food, full of essential, beautifying, fats, minerals and vitamins.  The water is alkaline which is especially helpful for neutralising acid, this is incredibly important for reducing stress in the body as an alkali environment protects us from bacteria, infections and cancer.  The oil, butter and flesh is rich in fats that feed our body, energise the liver and grounds our body.  Stress has an airy characteristic, literally creating air inside the body, coconut oil really helps to earth this element calming your entire system.
  • Bananas & Avocados – rich in minerals that soothe the central nervous system, these foods also have an early element to them which actively calm and nourish your body.  Under stress your body uses nutrients like magnesium and B vitamins like fuel so it is vital that we replenish our system.
  • Seeds – these are full of potential life force that characterises the seed.  Pumpkin seeds are rich in omega 3 and zinc making them very healing and anti inflammatory.  Sunflower seeds are full of B vitamins which support the adrenal glands and help calm the body.  Chia and flaxseeds are abundant in omega 3 and this really does soothe the central nervous system whilst supporting hormonal balance and digestion.
  • Brown Rice, Oats & Quinoa – this mix of grain and seeds are very supportive for your body, their warming and earthly qualities soothe your system providing vital vitamin and mineral support that helps to comfort and relax your entire system.

Wishing you Love & Peace



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