BeUtiful Nutrition

Get YOUR Nutrition Questions Answered!

photoWhilst not everyone may want to see a nutritionist, although in my defence I promise I’m not the celery munching, too cool for school, raw vegan eating food police, (probably having a little too much fun there but never mind, I’m sure you get me!), I think that most of us have nutrition and weight loss questions that we would LOVE to get an answer, relative to our body, for.

So!  Here’s my idea, I invite you to message me with your nutrition question, give me a little detail about you and your body too, and then I will do my best to answer your questions in a way that is as inspired and tailored for you as possible…I will have to put my intuitive skills to good use for this one but its a challenge I am up for!

There is so much nutrition information out there, it is over whelming, some of it is even contradictory.  What is important to remember that we have to find what is right and true for our body, so this is my intention here, to help you hear your body more clearly so you can make changes to your food and wellbeing in an empowered and positive way.

Click on Ask Laura and send me an email detailing your question, along with a little background info about you and let’s unravel all this confusion and create lightness, peace and clarity…

Send me your questions here and I will reply and post the best ones… Ask Laura

Excited to hear from you!

Love Laura coral-heart


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