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Blessings In Disguise – Yoga Wisdom From Off The Mat

flat,550x550,075,fDuring the course of my lower back trying to get my attention these past few months, I have spent more time off my yoga mat than I have on it in years! Honestly, in the beginning this completely panicked me, you see a few years ago yoga literally did save me from myself.

It helped me to find balance, to listen to and feel my body, to treat it with more love, care and appreciation whilst finding that stillness which, can bring so much peace.  To now be facing the prospect of not being able to do the type of practice I loved so much was frightening, how would I maintain all of these positive things without it?! Hmm, I hear you already ‘all knowing’ yogis whisper, herein lies a fundamental flaw, the mother of all wrong assumptions in yoga; even when one is not on the mat, does this mean one is without yoga?  A plethora of yogic philosophy, and I mean pages upon pages, books upon books, dating back thousands of years, will tell you NO you are not!

Flaw number two, the Vedas teach that the moment you cling to something or become attached its magic and meaning is lost. Without even knowing I had to now admit that I had become attached to my physical yoga practice, as literally the be all and end all.  Easy done when you are coming from a place of being extremely sensitive about your body and size! So, I was faced with the opportunity to either freak out and panic, and then continue practicing and exercising as much as possible regardless, I had done that many times before, it never ended well.  Or, trust the wisdom of my body and be willing to explore and experience ‘yoga’ in a new way.

il_340x270.238040856Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring, no idea who he is but my mum says it a lot so it always makes me smile.  This time, thankfully, I chose the latter.  Was it easy and plain sailing?  No, but in my seeking for new ways to maintain health and wellbeing it took me deeper within, opening my eyes to the power that is available to us the more we become conscious of and work with our body’s more subtle energies.

Instead of addressing our body from a physical level, I find that the deeper we do go, and learn how to care for our body on an energetic level, we find balance and harmony with considerably less effort.  As a bonus, and thank you Universe because I’m super appreciative of this one, creating and maintaining lightness, despite the lack of yoga and working out, is also surprisingly easy.

Ultimately, the deeper you go the easier it is to positively change and effect all of those things like beliefs, your relationship with your body, your relationship with food, your metabolism and hormones etc. that determine your body’s health and physical dimensions. I guess it’s getting to the heart of the matter, diving deep within to the core of all that you are, the root of the root, the energy body that is the blue print for your mental, emotional and physical bodies. All of it, the way you think, feel and look is a result and consequence of your energetic state, it is the first part of manifestation progressively moving through You and finally reaching the physical. 9c1c60eebb5792fbac090988a32a49b4

Both logically and intuitively, quantum physicists and yogis agree, that our greatest power of influence lies at the core of our being, if it is a sense of creative control you are seeking, for whatever the reason, it is to be found within the centre of You, once there you will find what feels like a beautiful ocean, far deeper and greater than our rational mind can comprehend, glistening with the abundance of possibilities and alive with all the potent life force energy that is creation itself.

Whatever you are wanting to create, a beautiful body or financial abundance, do so from this place. So, as I sit writing this in Starbucks with my cappuccino, I want to give thanks to my back, it has bought many things to me for which I am greatly appreciating and forever blessed to have touched.

It has awoken in me knowing that is within all of us, and so it is, aligned with the significance of our spine, the will of God, whoever or whatever that may be for You.

Sharing is caring indeed and I really wanted to share with you the amazing people that have inspired me the most so far…Much appreciation and love for these special and gifted women, and source energy of course in the case of Abraham! 🙂

Abraham Hicks – I can honestly say this material changed my life!

Gabrielle Bernstein – Spirit Junkie, Kundalini Yoga and all round amazing woman, love her books!

Leyolah Antara – I have done her Sexual Soul Healing Course and it was amazing, she works a lot of with Kundalini energy and principles and the Sacred Feminine

Donna Eden – Energy Medicine, such a powerful resource and tools that you can use yourself, anytime, to literally tap into and

positively effect your energy body.

Happy reading and exploring…

Love Lauracoral-heart


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