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Burger Bans, Obesity & Dubai… Here’s What I Think

photoTaking the ‘bad’ food away from people to ‘cure’ obesity is like taking the medicine away from patients.  Will they get better?  No.  Why Not?  Because whilst it is the body that gets ‘fed’, its people who eat!

We ‘self medicate’ through food, what would taking away this form of medication really do?  At best put a bandaid on the problem, but food is not the root cause, food is merely a tool of which our behaviour determines whether this a tool of self love or self harm.

Disempowering people by taking away their choice of what to eat is a surface and unsustainable solution to the problem.  Banning burgers is not the answer, and its an over simplistic supply side economic tactic.  What would lighten the burden of obesity, for all concerned, is a program that directly deals with the demand side of this equation.  Fast food companies are purely profit motivated, if there was no demand they would not exist, and the fact that there is such fierce demand for these types of life draining foods is really the issue we should all be focusing on.

You see we are starving, not for food, although we think we are, but for purpose and fulfilment.  Within each of us there is limitless potential waiting to be expressed, ultimately what we all crave is that feeling of energy that feeds us as we confidently go in the direction of our dreams.

If we want to truly address obesity, and indeed the state of dis-ease within society, we need to inspire a sense of self worth and empowerment in each individual alongside nutritional awareness.

You see the beauty is, when you help someone to feel the magic and potential of their own unique human spirit, you inspire their natural instinct not just to survive, but also their desire to thrive.

Yes to more health conscious choices being available in schools, we need to nourish our children’s mind and bodies whilst protecting their environment.  Yes we do need more nutritional awareness, we do need to communicate the message that food has a direct effect on your state of health and wellbeing, and a big YES to making that easier for people to do by making sure that in schools, universities, hospitals, offices, malls and supermarkets there are more healthy options readily available that are convenient AND delicious, not to mention BeUtiful!

Crown Prince celebrating atop Burj Khalifa.jpgWe need to help people make the right choice for their own health, not take their choices away.

Empowering people to care for their own life enough to want to make the best choices for themselves, now this wouldn’t just be a sustainable solution, it would be revolutionary, something this city which, I am blessed to call home, is no stranger to.

Love Lauracoral-heart


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