Facing Fact – MOJEH Magazine

mojeh coverFacing facts is an ‘illuminating’ article that I contributed to for MOJEH that shines light on what really matters when it comes to eating your way to a beautiful complexion.

So often our attention is on all sorts of creams, lotions and potions, I admit, I have all of these too lined up in my bathroom, but, and this is a significant but, you cannot correct, even with the most advanced and expensive beauty creams, the damage done by dehydration and poor diet.

In this article I share some f my best tips for eating your way to a clear complexion and the best foods to help you achieve that inner glow, without the Bare Minerals sparkly Mineral Veil, I mean this is my ‘go to’, but it is nice to use it to enhance the glow you already have!

Read the fill MOJEH article here that is out right now in the Jan/Feb issue…Facing Fact


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