BeUtiful Body

Holistic Weight Loss…feel #AsLightAsAFeather

524228_638626406242815_54068204717114721_nThere is a great irony that I experienced when I was in the midst of my frantic body image, weight loss, diet maniac phase… No matter how thin I actually managed to get, I never ever felt light.  In fact, I felt so heavy, regardless of my actual weight, that once I was a size I didn’t mind (notice I didn’t say like..I never ‘liked’) then my mind was fraught with fearful thoughts of gaining again the moment I sat down to eat my next meal (meal used quite loosely there!).

It really isn’t about getting as light as you can on the bathroom scales, what we are really all wanting to feel is the lightness of energy and love that is our natural state, we are indeed light energy, by nature we want to feel this, on all levels, in body, mind and soul.

This is how holistic weight loss is different, yes we look to food and use it in a way that feeds your lightness so you can discover a sense of physical comfort and ease within your skin, but we also need to find lightness in your mind, in your heart and in your soul.  If we do not, you will always ‘feel’ heavy, regardless, and so you will remain within the diet trappings of fear and harmful relationships with both food and your body image.  None of which is conducive to a BeUtiful Body.meditation-pictures-of-nature

I sincerely hope for all of us that we manage to make this switch in our perception and focus, our wonderful feminine bodies will be much happier when we do, and our mind at peace with time to focus on loving ourselves and living our beautiful life, the way we had intended.  Just think what life would be like if we loved our body, felt light within our Being and supported our fellow soul sisters and daughters in doing the same…this is something I hope to help allow for all of us.

If you would like to work one-to-one with me, either in person or via Skype, then email me here…. and I look forward to connect with you xx:))

Love Lauracoral-heart


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