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“We think beauty is something we have ‘to get’, it isn’t, beauty is something that we already are.  We don’t need to figure out how to get beautiful, we just need to learn how to Be beautiful.”

Its incredible to me that the diet and health industry has contributed to taking one of our most basic and natural behaviours and turned into something that feels extremely complicated and wholly unnatural!

We have never had so many diets as there are today and yet we have never been so heavy and uncomfortable in our own skin.  Whether we are finding it difficult to lose weight or gain weight, whether we are starving ourselves or uncontrollably emotionally eating, one thing is for sure, we need to reconnect with our own unique body and understand what this means for our own true nourishment.

We need to become Intuitive Eaters, not diet plan eaters and calorie counters, calories really are NOT important when it comes to your weight anyway.  Your body is so much more intelligent than to abide by a simple calorie in and calorie out equation, this is why you may have tried countless diets, and whilst they may have worked for your best friend, on occasion and usually temporarily, they haven’t worked for you!

It is time to step away from the diet plans and off those bloody bathroom scales…none of it makes us feel lighter, and more importantly, none of it makes us feel good! It is time for you to appreciate your body’s wisdom, embrace the creative power of your thoughts and emotions when creating your body, and learn how to eat in a way that allows for lightness and beauty to shine through.

It is time for a holistic approach to weight loss, or rather, finding lightness, it is time for you to see the beauty that is within you, it is time for BeUtiful!

A Little of My Story taken from my book BeUtiful Body…

Body crisis and diet hell!  Both uncomfortably familiar territory through my teens and early twenties when even the slightest thought about my body, weight or food came to mind.  A Starbucks latte and croissant were enough to send me into complete overdrive for the rest of the day, obsessing about how many calories I had consumed or what I would have to skip eating later just to make up for that momentary weakness for which I would spend ages regretting.  Now you know something has to be wrong when a Starbucks triggers a spiraling sense of doom, despair and flashes of being the size of an elephant.  I mean, I love elephants, but I don’t want to be the size of one!

It is exhausting work, constantly criticizing your body, not liking this and not liking that, wishing that were smaller, wishing they were larger!  Its a whirl wind of, quite frankly, hell, culminating in the sorry truth that you feel so uncomfortable that you cant even bare to relax in your own skin, let alone your skinny jeans!  Throw in some extremely negative relationships and behaviour around food and eating and you have a recipe for a total body nightmare, a melt down of all rationale and sheer oblivion to the beauty that is your true self.

You’re right, it is BIG, and it affects every aspect of your life, I don’t remember a day when all this stuff didn’t swirl around my head at least twenty times.  Now just think about the affect all that negativity and dislike of your body must have on you and your life, its certainly enough to make even our most BeUtiful body shy if not completely illusive!

Truthfully, I had a very sad relationship with my body that spilled over to a very challenging relationship with food, and all of this just made for one stressed out, tired and heavy feeling body, mind and soul.  I had become so entrenched in my tunnel vision of diets and ‘must lose weight’ mantra, that I could not see the wood for the trees, I was so disconnected from my nature I had no idea how I could even begin to change how I felt about food or my body let alone create the type of body I thought to be attractive.

It’s incredibly sad when you consider the dishonouring of yourself that is inherent in this way of thinking and feeling.  This is such a crime we continually commit against ourselves, nothing to do with the way our physical body looks or what it weighs, but the incessant abuse we habitually inflict upon ourselves.  When you think about it, how can you expect your body to radiate and exhibit beauty, lightness and peace within such an abusive environment?

The day eventually came when I asked myself that very question… 

From me to You…

I know what it’s like to be so unhappy with the way your body looks that it almost suffocates you, the frustration inside feels like you should be giving the one minute warning to anyone within a hundred yard radius of you! 

I allowed this to go on for far too long and I know that you too have allowed these negative thoughts about your body to run wildly through your mind for too long now also.

Its tiring, its exhausting to live this way, unhappy in your own skin and miserable about your body, it takes it’s toll and slowly eats away at every last sparkle of life and lightness, ironically, you may feel full and heavy but you are starving for the feelings of love and light.

You may not know how right now but hear me when I say “you can feel beautiful in your own skin, you can experience your beauty and you can find your lightness,” you just have to know where to look.  If you are willing to look in a new direction, through kind eyes, then it will not take as long as you are thinking!

“In a world where beauty is abundant it would be our greatest misfortune to remain blind to the beauty within.”



One thought on “About Me

  1. hi Laura,

    My name is Nicholla Henderson Hall. I live in Abu Dhabi and have recently started a podcast called the ‘learning curve’. It focuses on conversations with women in business, entrepreneurs and social media. I have an Abu Dhabi community element to it where I love to chat about stuff that I think other women would be interested in. I saw your article in the national ‘why I’m not losing weight’ and it resonated with me as I’m a runner (for leisure and well being) and train to run 10 km and half marathons (only one half marathon so far) and yet I don’t lose weight. Its a bizarre. My running team also find this bizarre so I just wondered if you would be interested in talking more about it on a podcast with me? Share your insights of what we are doing wrong and what we could be doing to encourage the weight loss.

    Its a new show, only 16 shows in and many more to do so I thought I would ask you.

    have a great day 🙂

    p.s. I just also tweeted you to find out too. I’m @NickH2

    If you are not keen then no worries. Its a fascinating subject weight loss and I know many women would probably enjoy it too. :

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