The Book

BeUtiful Body the BOOK!

Being published in Spring 2015… details to follow soon!

298801_237007543009815_3651284_nThis is a dream come true for me and I am super excited to share the BeUtiful Body book with you, won’t be long now!

In the meantime I will share a little of my story and how the book came into being from my own personal experiences and work with clients…

It has been quite a journey for me and my body as I struggled for a long time with yo-yo dieting, hating my body and basically eating as little as possible whilst training as much as possible in the hopes of feeling lighter and more beautiful!   Did it work?  NO, never ever did I feel lighter for any significant length of time whilst I habitually dieted my booty off, well tried too, and documented every mouthful of food in a manner an economist would be proud!

I have analysed the data, painstakingly, and I can tell you that trying to count, measure and weigh yourself to a beautiful light feeling body does not work, in fact, it gets the exact opposite of what we are all wanting which is why there are now so many of us struggling with eating disorders and related body image stress.

Through sharing my story and both what I have learned personally and from working with hundreds of women, it is my intention to help each and every girl and woman to see their beautiful nature and to eat, think and behave in a way that allows their light to shine brightly.

Wishing you unconditional self love xxxx

What is a BeUtiful body and how do we get one?!

photo 2‘We have been on these external searches for beauty and a gorgeous body forever now, and all thats happened is we end up comparing and judging ourselves and trying to imitate this idea of the perfect body which of course, in reality doesn’t even exist.  It is no wonder that we never just seem to get to it, no matter how little we eat, how much we exercise or how many creams we slap on, we just never feel like we are there.

We seem to have this idea in our mind about how we should look, what size we should be, our hair colour our height and we struggle as we wrestle with ourselves to get our body in that one size fits all definition of beauty and an attractive body.  Its just so limiting, it cannot possibly accommodate the sheer diversity and uniqueness that each of us is blessed with.  We trap ourselves into this external search for our beautiful body and it feels so uncomfortable and like hard work because we are trying to get to something that isn’t who we really are.

There are no set guidelines, measurements or characteristics that define beauty, there is however a requirement.  This requirement is to simply Be You.

When you turn 180 degrees on that external search for beauty and that imaginary perfect figure we all have imprinted on our brains you take your search in the opposite direction, you take it inward, in search of your own natural beauty.

In your most natural state of well-being you are beautiful, your body is beautiful, it feels light and peaceful, it glows with vitality and you feel energised and full of life.  You radiate from the inside out and this is the source of your beauty which translates into your most BeUtiful

Without the stress and frustration, criticism and judgement your body thrives and that light feeling flows into every area of your body, even your hips!  Your body enjoys this freedom to just be itself and as it does it forms the most BeUtiful form and representation of the reality which is You, and thi
s is true beauty.

Your BeUtiful body is just that, uncovering the real You, honouring who you really are, loving it and allowing your natural beauty to manifest into your most gorgeous, feel good body.There is a certain air of confidence that glows from a woman who has this sussed already, its that little thing that you can’t seem to put your finger on why you are so mesmerised by her, she just seems to have something, yes she looks great, but she just oozes an inner attraction that keeps your attention.  This is the woman that has tapped into her own well of beauty and allowed it to blossom into a fabulous body and state of being.  I assure you, this woman isn’t stressing herself silly over the latest diet craze or hottest size skinny jeans that everyone must fit in to!  She is n her body and loving it and as a result her body just gets better and better and is BeUtiful.

A BeUtiful body is your body, your own unique and exclusive expression of beauty and fabulousness, we find this when we take a journey inward to our true inner self for this is the source of our truest beauty, our work is only to become transparent, allowing this source of beauty to express itself clearly through the subtle layers of our being into our physical body.  photo

The source of your beauty is to be found at the source of You, your source is BeUtiful…

We just need to clear this path from obstructions and negativity allowing our light and beauty to radiate our entire body.  

So you see, you are already BeUtiful, right this second, it would be impossible for you to be anything else because who-you-really-are, whether you know it or not, is BeUtiful.’

A chapter from BeUtiful Body.coral-heart

For more BeUtiful Body LOVE I hope you find all of these posts inspiring…BeUtiful Body


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