BeUtiful Nutrition

Meditation-pictures-of-natureReconnecting to Mother Nature through food is reconnecting to Yourself through love… 

I am passionate about the healing power of food and the limitless resources provided by Mother Nature for our own healing and wellbeing.  I believe that we create illness and dis-ease by being, thinking, feeling, eating and doing in a way that is out of alignment with our true nature, this distortion literally creates the dis-ease.

Health, wellbeing and lightness, on the other hand, I believe we naturally are, we do not have to busy ourselves with creating these, rather we need to learn how to allow them, how to allow our natural state to illuminate our body, mind and soul.Superfoods-300x222

When we practice nutritional therapy from this view point it really is possible to experience that sense of lightness, comfort and ease within our skin, and skinny jeans, that we all desire.

Becoming aware of how foods affect our body, the different nutrients, qualities, tastes, characteristics and, most importantly of all, the vibrational energy of foods is a beautiful way to begin truly nourishing you and your body and learning how to more fully allow the state of health that you want, this is completely within your hands.

Food maybe our medicine BUT our thoughts are our cure!  

photoI love to tap into the healing energy of food but without tapping into our most powerful healing and creative source, our own mind and thoughts, we simply cannot explore the full potential for of ability to heal and experience wellbeing.

We are what we eat, this to a certain degree is true, but, we are what we think, and we are much more of what we think than of what we eat, this is a fact!  Integrating food and thought is my absolute passion and I hope these articles inspire you to begin feeding yourself food and thoughts with LOVE! Please click on the link below to see all my informative nutrition inspired articles…

BeUtiful Nutrition

Happy Thinking & Eating!  Lauracoral-heart


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