Holistic WeightLoss


images“There is no ‘one size fits all approach’ to eating and losing weight that works for everybody.”

Each of us are unique, what may create health and lightness in one person could create the exact opposite in another.  We need an approach to diet and nutrition that understands this and seeks a more intelligent, tailored approach.

Also, even though it may be easier and convenient for regular diet plans to forget, there is a very powerful element that is totally overlooked in mainstream weight loss plans, and that is the power of our emotions and thoughts when deciding what to eat and the creation of our physical body.

1We are what we eat, yes, this is true, BUT we are MORE of what we think!

Our thoughts and emotions are so powerful, how can we positively address weight and wellbeing without considering such significant factors.  Not to mention our energy system which is literally the blueprint for our body.  You cannot expect to allow beauty and create lightness in your body if every thought you think about it is critical and body hating,  you cannot be light if you are feeling heavy, just like you cannot be rich if you are feeling poor!  We have to learn how to love and appreciate our body and this is a key area which I can help you with.

Hophotolistic weight loss, the BeUtiful way, does just that, combines all the elements of practical nutrition with the power of your thoughts and emotions and creates a plan specifically tailored for YOU!

Its incredible to me that the diet and health industry has contributed to taking one of our most basic and natural behaviours and turned into something that feels extremely complicated and wholly unnatural!

We have never had so many diets as there are today and yet we have never been so heavy and uncomfortable in our own skin.  Whether we are finding it difficult to lose weight or gain weight, whether we are starving ourselves or uncontrollably emotionally eating, one thing is for sure, we need to reconnect with our own unique body and understand what this means for our own true nourishment.

diet-break-up-post-it-note-imageWe need to become Intuitive Eaters, not diet plan eaters and calorie counters, calories really are NOT important when it comes to your weight anyway.  Your body is so much more intelligent than to abide by a simple calorie in and calorie out equation, this is why you may have tried countless diets, and whilst they may have worked for your best friend, on occasion and usually temporarily, they haven’t worked for you!

It is also true that we have become obsessed with ‘what not to eat’ and this only serves to make us heavier because we are missing out on foods that can actually help create lightness in our body.  We forget that for our weight to feel comfortable we need our metabolism to be working, our digestion to be efficient and our hormones to be balanced, all of this requires specific nutrients and these we only get if we EAT!

It is time to step away from the diet plans and off those bloody bathroom scales…none of it makes us feel lighter, and more importantly, none of it makes us feel good! It is time for you to appreciate your body’s wisdom, embrace the creative power of your thoughts and emotions when creating your body, and learn how to eat in a way that allows for lightness and beauty to shine through.

It is time for a holistic approach to weight loss, or rather, finding lightness, it is time for you to see the beauty that is within you, it is time for BeUtiful!

To find out about working with me to achieve holistic weight loss and your BeUtiful Body contact me here and let’s not just see the light at the end of the tunnel, lets Be it!

photo Say hello…look forward to hearing from you!


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